Electram Range

Tradition, on a grand scale.

Unquestionable choice for those who cannot do without a trusted ally. The construction soundness of the different electric chambers enables a prompt response to all types of industrial production, without ever overlooking the much appreciated and sought-after traditional flavour and appearance. Simple and intuitive handling will help you create a connection to your oven, right from the start.

Complicity at first sight.

This is how you will feel when you understand
the ease of interaction with the Electram range.

The secret is in the steam.

The steam injection system is independent for each chamber. Configuration in accordance with the product. Leave the result to us.

Designed to triumph.

Intended for large productions,
preferably with fresh dough.

This panel fits you so well.

See for yourself the simplicity with which you will connect with the new interactive panels.


Discover all the models in the Electram range

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