Electram Series

An oven specialised for the production of Kebab Bread

Suitable for large and medium-sized productions of Kebab Bread, it is the unquestionable choice for those who cannot do without a trusted ally. It has been specially designed for short baking periods which require very high temperatures.

at first sight.

That is how you are going to feel when you realise
how easy it is to work with the Electram Series.


Steam that is always ready for action.

The oven has a quick steam recovery system
designed for short baking periods.


Special chamber.
More quality.

The oven enables you to promptly respond to all types of industrial production, especially Kebab bread.

This panel fits you so well.

See for yourself the simplicity with which you will
connect with the new interactive panels.



A treasure of Arab Culture

Kebab bread, also known as Pita or Syrian bread,
originating in the Middle East, is made from wheat flour
and water. It is believed that this treasure of Arab culture of Arab culture
was one of the first breads to ever have been baked.


Discover all the models in the Electram Series.


Electram 3 chambers

Door width: 61cm, 75cm
Maximum baking space: 14m²

Electram 4 chambers

Door width: 61cm, 75cm
Maximum baking space: 18m²

Electram 5 chambers

Door width: 61cm
Maximum baking space: 23m²

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