Controlled Proofing Chamber

Quality starts here.

Indispensable in any bakery that wants to raise the quality level of its products. In addition to optimising production due to the previous preparation of the dough, the controlled proofing chambers provide the perfect conditions both for storing the dough, as well as for the leavening process. The entire construction in stainless steel increases its strength and durability, whilst its touch screen panel, simple and intuitive, enables the programming and adaptation of proofing cycles, according to the specifications of each dough type.


Softness that
you feel and hear.

The magnetic locking system, in addition to softening the slamming of doors, ensures airtight insulation of the entire chamber. No maintenance or replacement of parts is required.

The best results
are achieved as a team.

Cold, warmth and humidity. This is how we ensure all dough is perfect.


British punctuality.

Place the
dough in the chamber

Proofing cycle

Dough is
ready to bake




Ready to bake.

Discover our
Proofing Chambers.


1 door controlled
fermentation cold room


2 doors controlled
fermentation cold room

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