Annular Series

When wisdom becomes a legacy.

Its robust size matches its durability and non-stop production capacity. The simplicity of its handling, low energy consumption and the quality of baking make the Annular oven the favourite of large bakeries. Its steam pipe system and construction soundness differentiate it, due to its uniform distribution of heat and its ability to maintain selected temperatures for a longer time. The secret for those who work around the clock, year after year, decade after decade.


Careful, there’s a lot of steam in here.

The Annular series’s vaporisation system is designed to release elevated amounts of steam. In addition to guaranteeing increased longevity, its technology maintains excellent performance batch after batch.

For great challenges,
great partners.

The annular steam tube system and elevated thermal inertia construction
enables baking without limits.

Starting over no longer needs
to start at zero.


1 minute

Even after 12 hours of being turned off, it maintains unmatched temperature stability.


Achieving greater simplicity
is impossible.

We are in favour of simplicity. Therefore, we have developed an accessible operating panel to help you produce with maximum quality.


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